Dowsing Deepening Classes

Intermediate Level Dowsing Classes

Do you want to deepen your understanding and expand your range of dowsing applications? Are you already familiar with Dowsing? As the Field of Dowsing evolves these classes provide you with updated and expanded  information and applications. Our Deepening classes change regularly as new material emerges. We will be posting new dates as they arise.


  We do offer our previous classes for purchase.  We are always updating and reviewing new material, thus classes on one topic are not repeated but available for purchase as mp3 recordings afterwards.

Water Purifying Protocol

During this class we take your through the steps of the water purification process. In addition: What to do when psychic cords, curses and entities entangle; the new and upgraded Living Filter; the sequencing we follow for private dowsing sessions and personal clearings; and Applications that extend beyond the personal to the collective – A larger dowsing goal to support the planet in some way.
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Water Protocol

Dowsing & Business

How to apply Dowsing principles and applications to your business and best dowsing practices for working with your clients; Building a framework and base; Things to look out for and Updates.

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