Dowsing Offerings


Energy Dowsing is a shamanistic way of working with energy to create, eliminate, and to clear.  Passed down by 4 generations of Native North Americans and distilled into a succinct form, dowsing moves across timelines, dimensions, as well as addresses current life issues.  Engage with Spirit World, Spirit Guides, and Spirit Doctors to receive insights and answers to your questions. These tools whether to clear non-beneficial energies and entities, or, raise vibrations are keys to fully empowering your inherent skills and gifts.   Phenomenal changes result from this work, often life changing. Scroll down to see the offerings menu.

  • Enhance your Intuition
  • Bring harmonic frequencies into your Personal Relationships
  • Live in ideal states of Health and Well-being
  • Reach high levels of integrity and communication in Business Partnerships
  • Maintain a relationship with your Spiritual Guides on a daily basis
“Spectacular’ doesn’t begin to do the session justice. I’m still flying high with the intensity of what appears to be a completely altered perspective. The walls are down, restrictions lifted, blocks removed.”Peter, UK

Type of Offerings

Private Session

Clear obstacles and blocks that keep you from moving forward in your life. During your session, we come together with the Spirit World to clear energies, imprints, and patterns negatively impacting you. These clearings take place across multiple dimensions and then directly transform your physical reality.
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Dowsing Seminar

The more we anchor into the New Paradigm energies, the more viscerally our realities align with the vibration we hold. Are you seeking to create more health and prosperity into your life? Wishing you could raise the energy level of yourself and those around you? This seminar introduces you to Dowsing and its many applications.
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Deepening Sessions

Deepen your understanding and expand your range of dowsing applications. Are you already familiar with Dowsing? Do you want to deepen your knowledge and learn the latest technology that is arising in this practice? Our deepening classes change regularly as new material is always arising. As the field of Dowsing evolves we seek to provide you with updated and expanded dowsing information and applications. Deepening classes require prior knowledge of dowsing.
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Exiting the Matrix Support Series
Have you exited the Matrix? Navigate your Exit with Support and Reclaim your original blueprint as a human being. Once you decide to exit, what then? Have you completely unplugged? What other energies, cords, and belief systems need to be cleared from your field to exit fully? This 3-set Support Series will assist you on multiple levels to achieve your authentic and rightful state of Being.
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