Exiting the Matrix Support Series

A set of three teleconferences to assist you with Exiting the Matrix. Once you decide to exit, what then? Have you completely unplugged? What other energies, cords, and belief systems need to be cleared from your field to exit fully?

The Matrix is a system of control. A set of woven energies and psychic cords which attach to your energetic field and sometimes to your physical body. This can feel like constriction, rigidity, and isolation. In these teleconferences we will clearing energetic lines, cords, and any attaching facets to and with the matrix. We will be clearing the belief systems, the cultural, heritage, and religious programming, and any old agreements to be in and of the matrix. There is a personal freedom and clarity that is gained by exiting the matrix.

A new way of experiencing yourself and the world – one that operates from fluidity and flexibility.

Once you decide and are ready and willing the process begins. These calls will assist you with your process and transition. In addition to the clearings, we invite in grace and fluidity as you move forward – to fully embrace what you have incarnated to do and be on this planet with full power, yours.

In these teleconferences significant findings were discovered with potent ground work laid. It’s about taking the steps, allowing the debris to fall away, and then making the leap.

Susan and Sven will take you through these exit points and clearings jointly. Their combined work of mastery level mutli-dimensional dowsing results in life changing experiences.

Full series: $55

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