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Dive into the Void

Sven introduces us to the technique and then gently leads you into the Void. Some like to slowly dip in, some dive in, and some leap in. What pace and method you choose is up to you.

You will be safely guided in and then carefully returned. This journey into the Void is a subconscious mind meditation where valuable experience is gained and often retrieval of beneficial information to assist you in your evolution.

What wave is yours to ride? Do you have a board ready to surf with? Tap into the multidimensional expanse of your Soul with an experienced guide. You may be surprised as to what you find!

Boundless Spirit Interview with Susan
Boundless Spirit Interview with Sven
Healing and Prosperity

Two individual 30-minute Breath Work Meditations

Conscious Connected Breathing – This method of breath work provides a way into Stillness, a quieting of the mind. This breath meditation can establish a positive outlook and response to life’s experiences. Brief instructions to the 4 steps of breathing will lead you into the meditation. You will hear gentle tones of two quartz singing bowls and the rhythmic beat of a drum to enhance your experience and practice.

Positive affirmations for Healing or Prosperity are given after a period of breathing takes place. This breath work drops you into an alpha brain wave state allowing the affirmations to enter your subconscious mind where real change begins. There are intermittent periods of silence as well. If possible, listen with headphones.



Planetary Soul Retrieval

During a workshop in London in 2016, Susan and Sven heard the call of the indigenous spirits of the Earth. They wanted connection with all parts of our planet, the cosmos and its inhabitants. Their message has echoed through the collective. Have you heard the call? Are you willing to step up?

The Planetary Soul Retrieval is a response to Earth’s request. A powerful group of energy workers, dowsers, healers and psychics join their forces to create a neural network for the healing of our planet. The entire call is a meditation and a prayer.

By listening to the recording you help expand the network and amplify the ripple effect of the healing. This call is as much a service for the planet as it is for humanity. Join us for this heart-opening gathering to re-establish and celebrate our connection to Earth.

Often, when doing a Soul Retrieval with a person, the higher Self decides to reserve 8 or 9% of the soul to linger behind allowing for more time, integration, and trust. Our dowsing shows us this is true for the Planet as well. So, although the call is completed and the protocol delivered, the process continues. We invite your participation, your intentions, and prayers here. This teleconference, under an hour in length, is available as a gift to you. Feel free to share it with others. With Great Gratitude to all who participated and to those who will participate in the future. On behalf of the Planet, thank you.

—-Speakers in order on the call:

Susan Gash, Ecuador, www.CrystalMountainHealing.com

Sven Carlson, Ecuador, www.CrystalMountainHealing.com

David Manning, London/Berlin, www.DavidManningEnergyWork.com

Dorian de Nobrega, Sweden, https://www.centralsun.se/summer-journey/

Shannon S, Canada

Hellen Scriven, Australia, www.hellenjanehealing.com

Diana Eder, UK and France, www.DianaEder.com For more information on the Amanita Essence please contact Diana Eder through her site.