Listen into this FREE teleconference from Saturday April 29th where Sven and Susan discus their upcoming June London events and July Ecuador Retreat. Get a taste of the energies and frequencies that will be present for the events as well as some details regarding the choice locations and logistics for attending.
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Are you ready to dive into the practical and metaphysical aspects of Energy Dowsing, boost your confidence, raise your level of proficiency, and embody your intuition? If so, this Retreat will launch you into the next level of your dowsing practice.

* Deepen your Dowsing practice.
* Engage in Mystical protocols.
* Embody your Intuitive abilities.
* Discover and actively create new protocols in the field of Dowsing.
* Connect with other dowsers from around the world.
* Experience active healing work with the Spirit Doctor Team.
* Immerse in the thermal warm waters of the Andes mountains on site.
* Use the potent energies of the Andes mountains for personal transformation.

In this retreat you will build upon your dowsing base while deepening your understanding, skills, and use of this shamanic based system – A multifaceted self empowering system providing you with tools to improve your health and relationships, clear old patterns and outdated belief systems, maintain ideal energies in your living space, and create harmonic prosperity frequencies for your life and business.

You will be introduced to another form of Energy Dowsing called Psychic Surgery – A hands-on technique to release energetic memories or patterns from the body related to trauma or past life experience. Once mastered this form of dowsing can also be done remotely with clients.


July 23: Group welcome dinner and gathering.
July 24-27: Morning and afternoon sessions, including a Healing with the Spirit Doctor Team; and an outing to the Cajas mountains to visit to a sacred lake and enjoy some light hiking followed by lunch at a mountain Lodge restaurant.
July 28: Morning session for wrap up and closure. Depart in the afternoon.

Prerequisite: Must have taken our our Introductory Level Dowsing Seminar which is currently available online as a 5 hour course.

Retreat Location: The Hosteria Duran in Cuenca, Ecuador. A modern style hosteria with thermal soaking waters.

The Retreat fee of $1,350 includes 5 days of session and healing work, your accommodations – 6 nights of lodging and meals at the Hosteria. Transportation is not included. A non refundable deposit of $300 will hold your place. The Retreat is limited to 12 participants. Contact Susan and Sven with your intention to attend. When you place your deposit to hold your space, you will receive a comprehensive email with information to assist with your travel and planning. Please note all payment is in USD. We are looking forward to this time together.

Reserve your spot on the retreat now, purchase the $300 deposit:

Exclusive Solo Immersion Retreat

Are you wanting something more in your life? Are you standing at a precipice and need a nudge? If the answers are “yes”, this Solo Immersion Retreat may be for you.

During your week long retreat, you will be supported to release old patterns, programs, and belief systems through transformational healing and clearing work. To enhance your process you will be living in a natural earthen adobe suite to calm your entire system. You will be drinking pure water from the mountains to support your transformation. All leading to stepping into your Being with new insights, clarity, and energy.

A retreat on Crystal Mountain resets your internal compass. Designed to provide you with the benefits of daily healing sessions along with restoration time in a natural environment atop the Andean peaks of Ecuador. By removing the day to day static and clearing the mind new horizons can arise from a place within you. You will have complete privacy outside scheduled sessions to integrate the healing work, delve into deep rest and relaxation, and enjoy mountain walks as you like.

Healing sessions expand your being on all levels.
  • Receive guidance and insights from Spirit World
  • Receive exceptional transformational body work
  • Clear your energy field
  • Heal on all levels and from All Times

Your all inclusive Solo Immersion Retreat will consist of transformational healing sessions with Susan and Sven. This one-to-one interaction along with the support of the mountain energies heightens the healing experience and quickens the clearings that will take place. Healing sessions include: Susan and Spirit Doctor Team; Dowsing sessions with both Susan and Sven; and body work with Sven, all carefully selected to meet your needs.

Your own space on Crystal Mountain

You will be living in a private adobe suite with modern amenities and a fully stocked kitchen. We will of course keep any dietary needs you may have in mind. The space offers comfort, privacy, and natural beauty.

Walk among the llamas, alpacas, and horses. Discover a subtle and more spacious way of being in the world. Shift your perceptions with the daily changing light on the mountain. Nourish your body with fresh organic foods. Choose to disconnect from your everyday habits and patterns and re-connect with your heart’s longings.

Our healing space on Crystal Mountain is intimate and supported by the larger energies of the Andes and Spirit World.

This transformational week is a gift to yourself. Are you ready, willing, and do you deserve it? If you have a resounding Yes, this retreat is for you.

What is included

  • Transport from the Loja airport to Crystal Mountain Healing on arrival and departure.
  • Stay at our Private Casita
  • Fully stocked kitchen according to your dietary needs.
  • Energy work and Body work with Susan and Sven

Reserve your Solo Retreat now. Your investment for the the 2018 Immersion Retreat is $3,000.

  • MAY 2018
  • JULY 2018
  • OCTOBER 2018
How to Book

This exclusive retreat is only offered at 3 different times during the year, available on a first come, first serve basis.

If you would like to reserve your solo retreat please write to us via our Contact form. A short application form will be emailed to you. A deposit to hold your space is $400, please note this deposit is only refundable if you cancel 60 days before the date you reserved.