Rolf Method of Structural Integration

 A hands-on holistic system where the soft tissue of your body is rehydrated and expanded to allow for flexibility and freedom in your structure and movement.  The Rolf Method is a form of body education.  Once completed your structure works more efficiently by being in alignment with gravity.  Transformational on many levels, this work highly tunes your connection to spirit and soul. Release and recalibration are to be expected as well as feelings of upliftment and ease. 

Your body is a mirror reflection of who you are and holds potential for who you might become – A vehicle carrying your spirit and soul.  It is malleable, it shapes, shifts, and evolves.  

When you discover rigid places in the body, tensions that persist, you are being given feedback that a non beneficial pattern is asking to be released. Working with the physical body is a way to discover such patterns and release them. As pain, tension, blocked energy, and tightness falls away, old patterns and ways of being in the world fall away as well. This kind of transformative body work expands your Being on all levels.  

One of the goals of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration is to bring your body into an upright alignment with the earth’s gravitational field allowing for easeful and flowing movement.  When you are in alignment with the earth you will have more energy, feel lighter, and have a greater sense of wellbeing. 

The Ten Series Transformational Healing Package


Benefits of the Ten Series

When going through the 10 session recipe you can assist your integration process by immersing yourself nature, in silent periods, daily walks, and meditation. Here on Crystal Mountain that is possible.


  • Ten series full immersion experience
  • Lodging on the peaks of the Ecuadorian Andes
  • Complete privacy and integration time

This transformational Healing package includes: The full recipe – ten sessions – each session is 1-1.5 hours long; and your lodging.

You will be living in an adobe guest suite with modern amenities and a kitchen. From here, you can witness stunning sunsets over the mountains from your veranda.

A two week time commitment, cost for the ten series package: $1950

How to Proceed

We are delighted you would like to embark on this body alignment journey at Crystal Mountain Healing.
Please write to us via our Contact form with the Subject line: Ten Series Package. Bookings must be done at least two months in advance to ensure availability. Please include the time frame you would like to book in your message. Once you have emailed us we will send you a full travel package with information on Ecuador, how to get here and other useful information. Please note that a $450 deposit is required to make the reservation.