Spirit MATTERS: The Light side of Non-Resistance

Holy Smokes – part 2

Where and When does resistance drop in for a visit?  How do we navigate this not so lovely state of being?

Something as powerful as a craving, or, in this particular case a desire to quit smoking holds an energy pattern that lives in the physical body and perhaps the emotional and mental body too.  Let’s look at how the Spirit Doctor Team works with the lighter side of resistance, for there seems to be one.

One of the things I love about the Team’s work is how smoothly they glide a person into a non resistant field.  And in that non resistant field transformations can and do happen.  What I’ve noticed and felt is a transformative process that employs and embodies the Lightness of Being.  Something we can learn from.  The Team’s loving and sometimes jovial fashion exemplifies this non resistance field in action.

Tom’s request to stop smoking was met with ease and some explanation.  The Team sited that up to that very moment his smoking served a purpose.   Let’s look at this teaching and message for the clues.

Here are the excerpts:

“We go to your 3rd eye.. here we begin the work, opening you to you… lifting the veil so to speak for you to see, feel, and acknowledge your true essence.  Yes, it is time to “acknowledge” your true essence.

The smoking is no longer a fit… it is outdated we say and its time is done… for it cannot co exist in the pure Light and Love – You – any longer.  You see it served its purpose — for the gentle sleep.  But it is wake up time … Wake up Sleeping Beauty is here!  Celebrate!  Hallelujah!  For the veils of protection incubated you to this moment of awake.

You have always carried the single threads of knowing and now the full tapestry of color, light, life and passion is unfolding before you.  Look at its rich and lush color, texture, and lean into the quality and feel of it… for that is YOU.

Sacred is our other word for you.  This sacred time, pure essence, pure form.  Let the smoke of tobacco lead you back to ceremony… as you know ceremony so well.”

What are you feeling called to Wake Up Sleeping Beauty within yourself?  Let’s release the holds to Source and move forward. Yeah, I’m going for that.  We are true alchemists and we have such good teachers in the Spirit realm!



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