Saturday, April 7, at 11 am Eastern (NY) time.

Group Healing Session with Susan Gash and The Spirit Dr. Team

For one hour you will be held by a multidimensional entourage of healers, physicians, and shamans whom once walked the earth plane. This Team known as the Spirit Doctors utilizes work that encompasses technologies from the future, along with ancient earth wisdom, to help clear debris from your energetic field and restore the life force energies within your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. At the end of the session a transcript of the communication that comes through from the Team for the group is gifted to you via the audio recording.

This Group Healing will focus on calming the body and expanding your cell’s capacity to let in the Light frequencies that are now on our planet. Any personal requests for healing are always welcomed and integrated during the session.

It is understood that when two or more are gathered the energies are amplified. Join us for this potent connection and healing with Spirit World.

Purchase for $35

After your purchase you will receive an automated email with all the log in information to attend the teleconference. Please check your spam email and note the email is sent to the email address your paypal account is linked with.