Saturday, August 19, at 11 am eastern (NY) time.

Dive into the void Teleconference with Sven Carlson

Sven will introduce the technique and then gently lead you into the Void. Some like to slowly dip in, some dive in, and some leap in. What pace and method you choose is up to you.

You will be safely guided in and then carefully returned. This journey into the Void is a subconscious mind meditation where valuable experience is gained and often retrieval of beneficial information to assist you in your evolution.

What wave is yours to ride? Do you have a board ready to surf with? Tap into the multidimensional expanse of your Soul with an experienced guide. You may be surprised as to what you find!

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After your purchase you will recieve an automated email with all the log in information to attend the teleconference. Please check your spam email and note the email is sent to the email address your paypal account is linked with.